Executive Committee

MNP is defined by the strength and dedication of its Executive Committee and Firm Leadership Team. Their sound business knowledge and keen leadership skills establish our firm’s direction and focus. Through constant analysis, innovation and improvement, MNP's leaders ensure that we continue to provide dynamic financial solutions for all of our clients’ needs.

Daryl Ritchie
Daryl Ritchie    FCA
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 403.444.0150
Fax: 403.444.0199

Kelly Bernakevitch
Kelly Bernakevitch    FCA
Executive Vice President
Phone: 403.444.0150
Fax: 403.444.0199

Tim Dekker
Tim Dekker    CPA, CA
CIO; Regional Managing Partner, Okanagan Valley
Phone: 250.763.8919
Fax: 250.763.1121

Jason Tuffs
Jason Tuffs    CA
Executive Vice President, BC
Phone: 403.263.3385
Fax: 403.269.8450

Sean Wallace
Sean Wallace    CA
Executive Vice President, Ontario and Quebec
Phone: 403.444.0150
Fax: 403.444.0199

Laurel Wood
Laurel Wood    MBA | CMC | ICD.D
Executive Vice President, Clients and Services
Phone: 403.444.0150
Fax: 403.444.0199