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What Bill 145 Means for Realtors

Beginning in early October 2020, Ontario real estate agents are able to incorporate. This has a number of benefits for realtors and our team is here to help you understand the changes.

Webinar: Walking You Through Bill 145

Our MNP team hosted a webinar to walk you through the impacts of incorporating. Watch the recording to learn more about:

  • How you can reduce your tax rates
  • What deferring personal tax means for your income
  • How to maximize the flexibility incorporation gives you in tax, remuneration, and retirement planning

Watch our Walking You Through Bill 145 Webinar by filling out the form below

Realtor Incorporation, Explained

Watch our video to learn more about the opportunities ahead for Ontario real estate agents.

Benefits of Incorporation

Download our fact sheet to learn how incorporation can help your bottom line.


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