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A Life Planning Guide that Simplifies Life’s Complicated Matters

November 30, 2021

A Life Planning Guide that Simplifies Life’s Complicated Matters

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A LifeBook can simplify you and your family’s complex financial matters.

Our lives are becoming more complicated.

Perhaps you own one or more businesses. Maybe you have a wide range of investments or multiple assets of significant value. You could have a complex family situation.

With so much going on in life, it’s difficult to find an opportunity to organize and consolidate important information and documents related to all of these matters — just in case something unexpected were to happen to you.

If you became ill, would your family know what to do about finances and investments? When did you last update your will? Where are all of your important financial, insurance, and legal documents?

There’s that uneasy feeling when you realize you don’t have answers for all of these questions. Your personal and financial matters aren’t organized, documents aren’t up-to-date, and critical information may not be available to those who may need to access it.

And the worst part is you don’t know where to start.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to gain clarity and control, get organized and know that you and your loved ones are protected – no matter how complicated life gets?

LifeBook will do this for you. This is an easy-going process that clarifies and simplifies life’s complicated matters.

LifeBook equips you with goals, a clear map, tools, and a navigator. When you arrive at your destination, you will have a personalized digital document that provides a clear picture of your life and financial goals, what you own, what you want to do with these assets, and where all of this is held. Your LifeBook organizes all of this information and is immediately accessible to you or those to whom you designate access – whenever it is needed.

Helping you create your own LifeBook is an experienced, impartial advisor who assists in gathering and objectively reviewing all of the documents and directives needed to protect yourself and your loved ones. This involves reviewing your personal and business financial situation, including the status of contingency, tax succession, retirement, and estate planning, as well as your will and corporate and personal insurance. Then your advisor helps you assemble a digital inventory of important information that may be needed in the event of an emergency.

This includes the locations of, and information related to, financial, legal, income tax, insurance and estate documents. This digital inventory also includes directions regarding the circumstances in which to share it with your designated decision makers.

LifeBook minimizes stress and effort and helps you ensure your strategies are aligned with your goals and wishes and you have the right information and instructions in the right place.

To start the process, you meet with a LifeBook advisor to discuss your concerns and needs and to understand your current situation. Experienced in financial and tax matters, this professional guides the process by asking relevant questions and helping you make informed decisions by explaining their potential impact. By understanding your circumstances, priorities and goals, they are able to provide an impartial and knowledgeable perspective regarding risks and opportunities.

When you receive your customized LifeBook, you know that you have reached your desired destination.

With this comes peace of mind knowing your financial affairs are organized and the appropriate strategies and documents are in place to meet your goals and wishes.

Life is complicated. LifeBook can help you clarify and simplify your life planning so you can enjoy peace of mind today and tomorrow.

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