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COVID-19 Response Plan - Nova Scotia Government - Support for Canadians

COVID-19 Response Plan - Nova Scotia Government - Support for Canadians

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COVID-19 Response Plan Nova Scotia Government – Support for Canadians Last updated May 24, 2022, 4:00 pm MST


NS Support for Businesses

Paid Sick Leave Program


  • Employers may be eligible if they:
    • Are a for-profit or not-for-profit organization
    • Have a permanent physical location in NS
    • Are registered to do business in NS and are in good standing with the Government of NS
  • Are paying NS-based employees who don’t otherwise qualify for paid sick leave


  • Program will reimburse employer for 4 sick days per employee
  • Employee cannot work remotely and miss less than 50% of scheduled work time in a 1-week period due to COVID (either illness, testing, isolating or vaccinating)
  • Program will cover eligible sick days taken between December20, 2021 and May 7, 2022

Action Needed

  • Employer must apply within 30 days of when employee was paid
  • Self-employed people must apply within 30 days of missing work
  • Program details available here
  • Online application

NS Support for Individuals

NS COVID Relief Fund


  • Nova Scotian residents who:
    • Have an overdue amount owing on heating or electric bill;
    • Has been financially impacted due to COVID-19;
    • Live within certain low-income thresholds


  • Eligible households may receive a one-time support payment of up to $400

Action Needed

  • Application may be downloaded here

Federal Support for Canadians

  • For our summary of the Federal support programs for businesses and individuals, please visit HERE

For closed programs, click here


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