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COVID-19 Response Plan - Saskatchewan Government - Support for Canadians

COVID-19 Response Plan - Saskatchewan Government - Support for Canadians

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COVID-19 Response Plan Saskatchewan Government – Support for Canadians Last updated January 24, 2022, 4:00 pm MST


SK Support for Businesses

Re-Open SK Training Subsidy (RSTS)


  • Applicable to SK employers on the Government of SK’s list of critical public services and allowable businesses during the emergency period, or eligible to resume operations in a confirmed phase of Re-Open SK Plan
  • Eligible trainees must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident with valid SIN; and, and existing employee of the applying employer


  • 100% reimbursement to eligible employers for approved training
  • Approved employers receive 33% of cost of training at time of agreement; remaining 67% paid upon completion of final reporting and verification of expenditure
  • Maximum payment is $10K to eligible employers for duration of RSTS program

Action Needed


Federal Support for Canadians

  • For our summary of the Federal support programs for businesses and individuals, please visit HERE

For closed programs, click here


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