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How will changing regulatory and stakeholder requirements impact Alberta's economic recovery plan?

October 01, 2021

How will changing regulatory and stakeholder requirements impact Alberta's economic recovery plan?

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Recent podcast discussion features MNP Advisors on ESG, the Duty to Consult, and demands for greater accountability to access and deploy capital.

Partner, Consulting, Indigenous Services
Partner, Enterprise Risk Services & Leader, Environmental, Social & Governance

Alberta’s ongoing economic recovery plan depends heavily on energy, infrastructure, and private and public sector investment. However, it’s increasingly clear demands for greater sustainability, accountability, and transparency shape the types of projects that eventually move forward — as well as the costs and concessions required to bring these to fruition.

MNP’s Germaine Conacher and Edward Olson recently sat down with the Crownsmen Show podcast to discuss the changing regulatory landscape and top of mind factors for government and industry. Our advisors discuss the Duty to Consult; the rapidly evolving environment, social, and governance (ESG) landscape; and steps businesses can take now to support the province for years to come.

Watch the full episode below to learn more

To learn more about MNP’s ESG and Duty to Consult practices, contact:

Germaine Conacher
Partner, Consulting, Indigenous Services
[email protected]

Edward Olson
Leader, Environmental Social & Governance and Regional Leader, Enterprise Risk Services
[email protected]



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