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Managing Performance Remotely and Practical Health Solutions for Re-opening Your Business

August 06, 2020

Managing Performance Remotely and Practical Health Solutions for Re-opening Your Business

1 Minute Read

Our webinar offers insights on managing performance remotely and practical health solutions for re-opening your business

Are you re-opening or have you recently opened your business?

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented change to the business landscape. Companies looking to operate/re-open amid an active pandemic face questions and uncertainty as they look to run their organizations in a way that is safe, practical, and aligned with Public Health Guidelines.

MNP is committed to providing you with the most relevant, timely and useful insights to guide your path forward.

At this two-part webinar, you will learn:

1. Practical Health Solutions – Presented by Dr. Allan Holmes and Vern Biccum from Iridia Medical

  • Practical guidelines you should have in your office safety plan.
  • Considerations when screening employees: Why temperature checks alone don’t work.
  • What should you do when you have your first COVID-19 case on-site: Employee and customer communication tips.

2. Acquiring/Retaining Talent and Managing Performance During a Pandemic – Presented by Daniel Kasun from MNP.

  • Organization structure for the new norm: Work force design, job role definition and compensation considerations.
  • Tips and tricks for managing performance remotely.
  • Hiring and onboarding during a Pandemic: Switching your mindset from the digital “divide” to the digital “provide”.


Dr. Allan Holmes

Dr. Allan Holmes is an emergency room physician who founded Iridia Medical in 1998. Allan continues to apply his 30 years of experience in the field of emergency and pre-hospital medicine to support Iridia’s clients.

During the COVID-19 crisis Allan has worked to develop and implement industry-leading guidelines and protocols which that have enabled essential workers in mining, construction, silviculture, oil and gas, and first responder agencies to safely provide their services. In addition, he continues to work closely with many branches of government including the Office of the Public Health Officers of BC, Health Authorities, Ministries of Health, BC Centre for Disease Control and BC Fire Commissioner as a consultant.

Vern Biccum

Vern Biccum is the President of Iridia Medical, where his passionate focus on delivering unparalleled client experiences and building a culture of growth and empowerment has helped Iridia enable peace of mind for its wide-ranging client base. 

When the H5N1 and H1N1 flus emerged, Vern was a key contributor as Iridia supported organizations braced for workplace impacts. He has taken a lead role in the development of Impact Mitigation guides for clients that include restaurants, golf courses, fitness centres, film production, and catering.

Daniel Kasun

Daniel Kasun is a Manager in the Human Resources Consulting Services Practice of MNP with over 14 years of delivering human resources advice and expertise across the country.

Daniel has extensive experience specializing in reviewing and assessing compensation frameworks, developing job evaluation programs, and implementing job evaluation systems, conducting market salary assessments through both custom online surveys and secondary salary data, and developing salary structures.


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