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MNP Presents: B.C. Business Owners Series - Marketing Your Business in the Midst of COVID-19

November 12, 2020

MNP Presents: B.C. Business Owners Series - Marketing Your Business in the Midst of COVID-19

2 Minute Read

Find out how shifts happening as a result of the global pandemic are impacting digital, content, influencer and advocacy marketing.

For some, the pandemic has opened new doors and created unexpected opportunities. For everyone else, the name of the game is survival.

Should you spend more or less? How do you manage your staff? Pivot, or stay the course? To answer your questions, we’ve assembled a diverse panel of seasoned marketers to provide their insights after eight months of navigating the pandemic.

Moderated by MNP’s Katri Ulmonen, Partner and B.C. Leader of MNP’s Technology, Media, and Telecommunications group, the on-demand webinar tackles the shifts happening in digital, content, influencer and advocacy marketing as a result of the global pandemic.

And while no one has a crystal ball, our expert panelists discuss which changes to marketing strategy are likely to stick around, and which ones are short-term initiatives.


Katri Ulmonen, Partner and B.C. Leader of Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

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Warren Thompson, Co-founder and Managing Director of Ollo Metrics Digital Marketing Agency

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Reagan Attle, VP of Marketing for Clio

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Robin Jones, Executive-in-Residence for Accelerate Okanagan

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