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Pragmatic, effective strategies to help your business navigate the COVID-19 crisis - Strengthen IT infrastructure

Pragmatic, effective strategies to help your business navigate the COVID-19 crisis - Strengthen IT infrastructure

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With news about the global coronavirus pandemic continually evolving, business owners are understandably confused and worried. There are immense risks amidst the disruption we are all experiencing — but also new opportunities to serve your customers and position your company for post-pandemic success.

This is a crucial time for business leaders to navigate carefully. Throughout this five-part series, we will provide you with current information, practical suggestions and helpful resources to keep your business on a safe pathway through disruption — and position it for accelerated success when the coronavirus crisis has passed.

  1. Stretch cash flow
  2. Preserve your workforce
  3. Reinforce revenue
  4. Demonstrate strong leadership
  5. Day 181: After The Wage Subsidy Runs Dry
  6. Strengthen IT Infrastructure


The pandemic highlights the importance of information technology — especially during periods of disruption when connectivity, information and data are even more critical. 

The right IT infrastructure can support a business on several critical levels, including operational efficiency, security and communication. It enables your business to be more nimble and enhances its value. 

Following are some suggestions for how you can quickly and cost-effectively build and strengthen that infrastructure.

Use an efficient digital transformation strategy

Digital transformation involves changing the way your company creates and delivers value to customers. It requires rethinking the role and impact of information technology and how it relates to customer experience, operational agility, workforce enablement and culture. 

If your company needs to fast-track technology changes or adoption, MNP’s Technology Advisory team can help you rapidly identify and address multiple stakeholder needs.

Move data and applications to the cloud

Moving files and software to the cloud makes them more accessible without straining your business network infrastructure. 

The cloud also enables greater scalability, flexibility and security while strengthening your business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities. 

There are numerous public and private cloud providers which offer remote storage, computing and collaboration capabilities. Your MNP advisor can provide suggestions on the most efficient and effective approach for your business.

Expand tech tools and virtual processes for remote workers

With the right technology and processes in place, remote teams can be extremely productive. Some may require only a laptop or desktop computer with Internet connection and communication applications (e.g. email, file-sharing, messaging, etc.). Others will need audio and video conferencing and other collaboration / project management capabilities. 

All remote workers also require security-related resources to adequately protect data and devices. For example, virtual private networks (VPNs) are necessary to provide secure, encrypted connections between devices when workers access the company network remotely. 

The MNP Technology Solutions team can help you set up a productive remote workforce. Ask your MNP advisor for more information.

Ramp up cyber security

Cyber attackers are taking advantage of global disruption; threats are becoming more frequent and intense. As companies fast-track remote work, it’s critical that all workflows take information security into account. 

For small and mid-size companies, outsourcing some or all aspects of cyber protection to a managed service partner can be a cost effective solution. With operations centres staffed by experts around the clock, these act as an extension of a company’s team — helping to prevent, detect and respond to threats and mitigate risks before they cause major damage. Managed service providers can address any number of security processes, including compliance, management, administration, deployment and reporting. 

Take a look at MNP’s Cyber Security 101 guide to find out if you’re prepared for a cyber attack.

Prepare for Business Interruption during the COVID-19 Pandemic

MNP’s National Leader of Business Resilience Cliff Trollope prepared a guide to help businesses decide when, how and what precautions are necessary for employees to return to the workplace. See our COVID-19 Planning Tips for Workplace Re-Entry to find out all the preparations you’ll need to keep in mind.

Danny Timmins, CISSP, is a Partner with MNP’s Technology
Solutions team and is the firm’s National Cyber Security Leader.
You can reach him at 905.247.3290 or [email protected] 

Sean Murphy, FCMC, CPA, CMA, PMP, CMC, National Digital
Services Lead and Partner, Technology Solutions
You can reach him at 613.691.8503 or [email protected] 


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