Professional services: Professional lifecycle

Professional services: Professional lifecycle

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Learn how MNP advisors can help you and your practice.

Professional Services

Professionals are critical members of our communities. You help keep us and our families healthy and strong, and that’s why we’ve built a service line to do the same for your business. MNP has worked with professionals across Canada for more than 35 years and our team is ready to help your practice.

Over 13,700 professionals trusting us with their practice.

More than 250 staff supporting professionals from coast to coast.

Professional lifecycle

New graduate

As you start your career and begin turning your vision into a reality, you’re faced with a variety of decisions. Making the right choice for you can be difficult without understanding the implications of your decisions. Our team learns your situation and provides strategies and solutions so you can start strong.

Growing practice

Realize the full potential of your growing practice. We can help you take the next step by establishing benchmarks, sharing best practices, and developing effective financial strategies.

Established practice

You’ve worked hard to create a strong practice and now is the time to maximize the return on investment. At this stage, our advisors help you with wealth strategies and operational priorities, so your practice continues achieving success.

Exiting your practice

To get the most out of your life’s work, you need a solid succession strategy that identifies when you want to exit and what you need in retirement. You also need to prepare well in advance in order to exit on your own terms. Our advisors can help you build a plan that meets your unique situation, allowing you to move forward with confidence.

Solutions we deliver at every stage

Tax Planning

Nearly everything you do has tax implications. Minimize exposure and maximize returns with an effective tax strategy that balances corporate and personal tax including corporate structure, remuneration planning, wealth accumulation, and more.

Business Strategy

Running a successful practice requires knowledge and expertise in a wide range of areas, including performance management and benchmarking, organizational and team design, growth and acquisition strategy, and risk management. Our team provides the advice you need to address these key challenges.

Technology Solutions

Adopting new technology like cloud accounting and bookkeeping solution can lead to improved efficiency and client experience. But a flooded market of technology options makes it difficult to understand what works best for your business. MNP advisors can help you make the right choice.


Our Valuation Advisory services enable professionals to be strategic when buying or selling a practice, preparing a succession plan, or resolving shareholder disputes. Working with our chartered business valuators, we deliver effective strategies to meet your unique needs.

Retirement Planning

When it comes to your retirement, today’s decisions can have a major impact on your future. With our help, you can develop a comprehensive retirement plan that allows you to understand the impact of your decisions and empowers you to reach your goals.

Wealth Management And Financial Planning

Preserve existing wealth and build the foundation for a healthy financial future by developing a detailed plan. We work closely with you to understand your personal and business needs to ensure you have what you need for your lifestyle.

How MNP can help

Your professional career is more than a job, it’s your life’s work. With so much at stake, it helps to have advisors who truly understand what is on the line. Our team has the experience and depth to deliver the strategies you need to reach your goals.

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