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Remote Assessments and PCI Compliance in the Wake of COVID-19

April 01, 2020

Remote Assessments and PCI Compliance in the Wake of COVID-19

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MNP is committed to helping you maintain PCI compliance throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Watch our webinar to find out how — and get answers to your most pressing questions.


Among the many challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is how to plan for and maintain your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance — especially if your offices are closed, or you’re being forced to work remotely and encouraged to practice social distancing.

Recognizing you likely have many questions about this topic, we’ve recorded a useful webinar to address some of your most pressing PCI-related concerns, including:

  • PCI Standards Council Guidance on COVID-19
  • The guiding principles of the PCI-DSS and the role of the assessor, merchant, acquirers and Payment Card Brands (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover)
  • How MNP will be performing remote assessments and examples of the additional evidence that may be required
  • Answers to common client concerns, such as:
    • Physical access to facilities / systems no longer possible
    • Network and system freeze / brown-outs / black-outs
    • How to deal with potential staff unavailability or illness
    • Service provider disruption such as managed firewall, logging, data center
    • Significant reduction in transaction volumes
    • Will I get an extension for my compliancy date?

For more information about PCI and other cyber security matters, contact Danny Timmins, CISSP, National Cyber Security Leader, at [email protected] or Tom Beaupre, QSA, CISSP, CISA, BS, PCI Team Lead, at [email protected]

Learn more at MNP's COVID-19 Business Advice Centre

Strategies and tools to help your company navigate the coronavirus crisis, stay resilient and take the next steps towards recovery.


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