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UPDATED: New Information on the B.C. PST Rebate for Select Machinery and Equipment

UPDATED: New Information on the B.C. PST Rebate for Select Machinery and Equipment

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Incorporated businesses can now apply online for the B.C. PST rebate for select machinery and equipment, which now includes Class 38.

As of April 1, 2021, the B.C. Provincial Sales Tax Rebate for select machinery and equipment applications can be filed online. Further to the information provided by the provincial government last fall (see B.C. Tax Alert September 18, 2020), Class 38 has been added as another eligible class for equipment. 

As there are specific instructions on how the rebates must be filed, as well as the information required to be included in the rebate applications, contact one of the Tax Advisors listed below for more information.  

B.C. Indirect Tax Team

Heather Weber, CPA, CGA
Indirect Tax Services Leader
[email protected]

Angela Chang, CPA, CGA
Partner, Indirect Tax Services
[email protected]

Norma Orellana, CPA, CGA
Senior Manager, Indirect Tax Services
[email protected] 

Edward Chow, CPA, CGA
Manager, Indirect Tax Services
[email protected] 


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