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Become a Future Leader

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a business mentor and do you live, learn, or work in the Peel Region or Oakville? Apply now for your chance to become an MNP Future Leader and work with one of our MNP mentors as they share their knowledge and experience to help you elevate your business.

As an entrepreneurial firm built for entrepreneurs, MNP is proud to support our local business communities and young business leaders.

In partnership with key local stakeholders who share our vision, we’ve created the MNP Future Leaders mentorship program to assist young business leaders who are seeking to start or actively involved in an entrepreneurial enterprise. 

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What will successful applicants receive? 

  • Mentoring icon One year of monthly professional mentoring, guidance and advice from an MNP partner

  • 3 people icons in a circle Year-long memberships to participating boards of trade and chambers of commerce

  • megaphone icon Consultation with media experts and profile enhancement strategy

  • Recognition icon Personalized award and recognition as an MNP Future Leader

What does it mean to be an MNP Future Leader? 

  • Entrepreneurship icon Entrepreneurship

    The MNP Future Leaders Program aids young entrepreneurs. Whether you need assistance scaling your business, expanding your distribution channels or developing your business plan, our MNP mentors have the knowledge and experience to help elevate your existing business or bring your business ideas to life.

  • cog icon Learning

    MNP mentors offer in-depth industry experience. They understand the dynamic business environment and know how to navigate the challenges that entrepreneurship brings. As a mentee, you jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey with an accelerated learning path. Through regular mentorship sessions, you learn what to do and what not to do, allowing you to reach success faster than the competition.

  • Community icon Community

    As an MNP Future Leader, you join a community that wants to see you succeed. Future Leaders receive year-long memberships to the Brampton Board of Trade, Mississauga Board of Trade and Oakville Chamber of Commerce. Member benefits include access to valuable resources, information on current industry trends and public policy issues, advocacy support, networking and growth opportunities and savings through affinity partners.

  • Ambition icon Ambition

    MNP Future Leaders are driven by a personal desire to make an impact. They have an inspiring story about what it means to be an entrepreneur and are fueled by their unwavering ambition, dedication and enthusiasm to succeed.

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