Brian Tario, Partner

Brian Tario

Brian Tario , Partner

Partner, Forensics and Litigation Support

Brian Tario, CFI, is a Partner with MNP’s Thunder Bay office. Brian is responsible for investigations in the area of due diligence and background inquiries, fraud, theft, secret commissions, foreign corruption, money laundering and the assessment of risk for client businesses across Canada.

Brian is a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where he was involved in numerous national and international investigations involving money laundering, white collar crime, gambling, drugs, smuggling and the proceeds of crime.

While attached to the RCMP’s Winnipeg Commercial Crime Unit, Brian was in charge of the Market Unit and was involved in numerous investigations involving securities, commodities and investment related activity.

Brian was an undercover operator in the RCMP and operated a currency exchange business in downtown Vancouver for a period of two years.

The operation focused on laundering money for major criminal organizations involved in smuggling and the drug trade and disrupting this activity. More than $41 million was exchanged.

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