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Tim  Elhatton

Hutterite Business Advisor

<p><strong>Tim Elhatton</strong> is a Partner and Business Advisor with MNP specializing in delivering business advice and services that meet the unique needs of Hutterite Colonies. Working out of the Lethbridge office, Tim builds strong relationships with his clients, helping them with everything from everyday concerns to big business issues.</p>
<p>With more than 19 years of experience, Tim understands the challenges and opportunities Hutterite communities face. His experience includes negotiating single electrical contracts for more than 100 colony clients and arranging medical plans covering health, dental and other patient services across three provinces for over 8,500 colony members. He has also helped implement a virtual private business and communication network for Hutterite clients.</p>
<p>Tim works closely with his clients to ensure the solutions he delivers meet their needs and help the colony achieve its goals. Clients rely on him for advice and assistance on a broad range of issues and appreciate that he can link them to MNP&rsquo;s extensive network of expertise when required.</p>



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