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Are Your Business Processes Working For You or Against You?


Business performance is under pressure from the economy. Customers, far from sympathetic, continue to demand more for their investment in time or money. Simply running faster just isn’t enough. Investments in technology, intended to achieve new heights of performance often disappoint.  Even the power of technology can be muted when systems are designed to support existing processes.

Offering a competitive product or service first means starting with the basics -- understanding what the customer wants, and how they want to receive it. Often as a business or organization grows, processes that were never well-defined to begin with grow and evolve with each person’s interpretation, often without a clear understanding of why certain activities are done. These processes become ingrained, and just part of “how we do things” – often to the great frustration of your customer, and ultimately your bottom line as clients migrate to a better experience.

So where do you start?  Fundamentally, you want your processes to maximize the value to your customer and eliminate unnecessary activities and costs. This requires understanding value from your client’s perspective – both in the product or service itself and in the client experience.

What is it your customer wants and needs from your product?  How does your customer want to interact with you? To find out, walk a mile in your customer’s shoes. Mapping your customer’s experience with you can provide valuable insight into customer needs and behaviour. Examining your processes from this perspective can be a powerful means of ensuring your organization delivers value to both your customer and your bottom line.

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