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Benefits of Customized Training


Many companies have professional development budgets allocated for their staff, yet often times these budgets are only spent on “cookie-cutter” courses where only a portion of the material is relevant to the staff member.

Customized training is becoming a more desired option for both private and public business environments for a few reasons:

  1. Learner Focused – Customized training is built to meet specific learning needs whereby content and exercises are tailored to bridge the gap from the current state to the desired state where key learning outcomes can be measured.  Most customized training approaches begin with an initial collaboration with the business to understand where the knowledge level is at with each team member and what is required to achieve desired results.
  2. Builds Cohesive Teams – All staff members bring different experiences and skill sets to a work environment. By having a customized course delivered to all the team members at the same time, employees not only learn key concepts and applications as a team, they identify the benefits of applying these applications.  Participants also gain from shared perspectives and group brainstorming throughout the session.
  3. Practical Application - Training is most effective when learners understand the concepts being presented and can link the material back to their own situation.  Customized courses incorporate case studies and group exercises pertinent to the participants’ actual work environment to assist them in understanding how the theory relates back to their daily work routine.
  4. Flexible – Time, Content, Budget, Audience, Practical Tools, Location; are just a few of the variables to consider when having a course tailored for a specific team.  Customization allows for all these variables to be accounted for ensuring the optimum training course is developed.
  5. Operational Building Block – Not only can a customized training program deliver specified content and facilitation to your team, the examples, practical tools, methodologies and applications that were built for the training can be incorporated into operational policies and procedures or used for future on boarding of new staff members.
  6. Cost Effective – Having a course built specifically for your team is often quite reasonable if you consider the cost savings of having the training conducted onsite in a boardroom and having it focused on specific content that is relevant to your team.  Instead of having a staff member at a full day session where only a few hours are relevant, having a half day session pertinent to the needs of all team members is a much better investment of time.

Like many other business decisions, choosing training for yourself or staff members should be strategic.  The investment should be made considering what the desired measurable outcome is compared to available options to accomplish that outcome.

For more information on MNP’s customized training approach, please contact Suzanne Ebelher at 403.537.7661 or [email protected].