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Bill 168 & Workplace Violence: Part 1 - Protecting Your People and Your Business


​Workplace violence is becoming an ever increasing issue for organizations. It is conservatively estimated that 1 in 6 violent incidents in Canada occur in the workplace and Statistics Canada’s latest report on violence in the workplace shows approximately 356,000 incidents of violence occur in the workforce each year. Workplace violence has a serious, negative impact, with estimates placing the annual cost of Workplace Violence in Canada at $7.6 billon.

Canada has begun addressing the issue of workplace violence through the implementation of provincial legislation and/or regulations. Currently, seven (7) provinces in Canada have legislation or regulations in place to address workplace violence. Through the implementation of Bill 168, Ontario is the 8th province to address workplace violence in Canada.

Bill 168, an amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, will affect all organizations with operations in Ontario with 5 or more employees, causing them to comply with the requirements outlined in Bill 168 by June 15, 2010.

In order to comply with Bill 168, Ontario employers need to:

  • Complete a risk assessment of violence hazards that may arise
  • Develop or revise policies with respect to workplace violence and harassment
  • Develop a program to implement the workplace violence policy
  • Provide procedures and measures for how the employer will deal with incidents and complaints of workplace harassment and violence
  • Develop reporting channels for employees to report instances of workplace violence or harassment
  • Implement the workplace harassment policies, procedures, and processes 

Your organization will undoubtedly be faced with unique challenges in understanding the requirements and implications of Bill 168, and devising strategies for compliance with it. Our dedicated and experienced professionals can help you find the path that’s right for your organization.

For more information on how MNP can assist your organization with compliance to Bill 168, please contact Scott Crowley, at 416.260.3277

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