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Bill 168 & Workplace Violence: Part 2 - Making Your Organization Compliant


​​Bill 168, an amendment to the Ontario Health and Safety Act (“OHSA”), will apply to almost all workplaces and employees in Ontario. Compliance with Bill 168 will be policed by the Ontario Ministry of Labour (“MOL”) and in the last reported year, the MOL inspectors made 417 field visits and issued 351 orders related to violence in the workplace – this is before legislation was even introduced. This latest statistic should be taken as an indication that the Province of Ontario will be taking compliance with Bill 168 seriously.

Organizations may find themselves asking: “What are the consequences if I do not comply with Bill 168?” Non-compliance with Bill 168 will be subject to fines and penalties that currently exist with respect to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Direct financial consequences of non-compliance to include:

  • Fines from the MOL of up to $500,000 for an organization
  • Fines from the MOL of up to $25,000 and/or 12 months’ jail for an individual

However, organizations can also experience indirect financial impacts from workplace violence. Some of these impacts include:

  • Physical or emotional distress of staff and/or customers
  • An erosion in operational performance, due to the development of a culture of fear
  • A decline in the organization’s brand and reputation
  • Major disruptions of key operations
  • A loss of key partners / vendors
  • A potential decline in revenue
  • Potential Directors & Officers and/or third party liability claims, due to a perceived lack of oversight

Compliance with Bill 168 should be top of mind for most employers.

For more information on how MNP can assist your organization with compliance to Bill 168, please contact Scott Crowley, at 416.260.3277

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