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Bill 168 & Workplace Violence: Part 4 - Creating Policies & Programs


Upon completion of the workplace violence Risk Assessment, the second step towards compliance is the development of policies and programs which address workplace violence and harassment. Well-drafted policies can provide employees information regarding what constitutes harassment or violence and how to report incidents. Additionally, well-defined policies will help to protect an employer from claims that may arise.

In addition to policy development, employers are required to develop and maintain a program to implement the workplace violence and harassment policies. The program should include:

  • Risk Controls and mitigation strategies that have been or are being put in place to control the risks identified
  • Worker Reporting Procedures: the “how”, “when” and “to whom” to report
  • Investigation procedures
  • Include any prescribed elements

It is important that employers develop a clear, fair and safe procedure for reporting incidents of violence as this will encourage employees to report any and all events that qualify as violent. Procedures must be put in place so that workers are aware of how to report incidents of workplace violence to the employer or supervisors.

As organizations cannot fix what they do not know about, the promotion of reporting through well written and defined policies and programs can lead to a reduction of harassment and violence in an organization.

For more information on how MNP can assist your organization with compliance to Bill 168, please contact Scott Crowley, at 416.260.3277

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