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Bill 168 & Workplace Violence: Part 5 - Develop & Implement Training Programs


Without training surrounding workplace violence and harassment, employees do not know what to do in the event of an incident or how to prevent violence before it happens.

Providing training, information and instruction to employees on the contents of your workplace violence and harassment policies and programs is another step to compliance with Bill 168.

The training should cover topics such as:

  • The workplace violence and harassment prevention policy
  • Risk factors that cause or contribute to violence
  • Early recognition of escalating behavior or recognition of warning signs or situations that may lead to assaults
  • Ways to prevent or diffuse volatile situations or aggressive behavior
  • A standard response action plan for violent situations, including the availability of assistance, response to alarm systems and communication procedures
  • The location and operation of safety devices such as alarm systems
  • Ways to protect oneself and coworkers, including the use of a “buddy system”
  • Policies and procedures for reporting and recordkeeping

The training program should involve all employees, including supervisors and managers. It is important supervisors and managers learn to recognize high-risk situations, so they can ensure that employees are not placed in work assignments that compromise their safety. Additionally, supervisors and managers should receive training to ensure they are encouraging employees to report incidents.

It is highly recommended that organizations document training initiatives and employee participation. This will serve to protect the employer as it provides evidence that you have taken the necessary steps to inform your workforce.

For more information on how MNP can assist your organization with compliance to Bill 168, please contact Scott Crowley, at 416.260.3277

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