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Bird Construction Makes Big Changes Easier For All Stakeholders


Today’s forward-thinking organizations must be flexible, adaptable and innovative in order to remain competitive. Yet large-scale transformation can be an overwhelming challenge for any business to manage, especially when grappling with everyday concerns regarding budget, stakeholder expectations and organizational shortcomings.

Bird Construction is a major general contractor with offices across the country. After over 90 years of growth, they recognized that in order to stay ahead of the competition, they needed to bring in external expertise on change management best practices. MNP worked closely with Bird implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in combination with an organizational change management (OCM) plan.

This case study takes an in-depth look at the project goals and challenges in successfully guiding Bird Construction through the change management process. In addition, it highlights the key benefits for any business that strategically looks at their change readiness and how to best evolve their organization to not only keep pace with, but lead their sector.