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Business Training Designed For You


Business and management training is key for First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities interested in developing economic opportunities. These programs provide the knowledge needed to build capacity. Unfortunately, not all of them are applicable to or accessible for Aboriginal communities.

In 2006, MNP began to design and implement business and management training programs specific to Aboriginal communities. The programs, which today cover acquisition due diligence, compensation and performance management, entrepreneurship, financial fluency, governance, project management, management and tangible capital assets, are practical, relevant and customized.

Because every community has different goals and requirements, MNP’s Aboriginal Service and Training Practice people work with the community prior to implementing a program. We conduct a needs assessment up front to find out who the audience is and what their key needs are so we can give them the specific information they require or deliver the program in a way that accommodates location challenges or learning styles.

Our training programs are:

  • Delivered in the community, unless another location is preferred
  • Developed to meet your needs
  • Interesting, incorporating a variety of instructional techniques
  • Full of tools, practical advice and assistance

Recently, MNP customized its Governance Training program for a brand new First Nation. Delivered to the Chief and Council, the program covers such diverse topics as how to run meetings effectively and how to identify and implement an appropriate accounting system.

Another recent client found our Aboriginal Management Training program too long for the participants. Management staff and business entrepreneurs taking the training – who already had day jobs – were finding it difficult to make time for the program each week. Working with MNP, the community was able to create a unique solution, taking participants away for an intensive week-long retreat to finish all the training at once.

The number of training programs delivered by the firm is constantly growing and MNP’s Training Practice group is always willing to create new offerings to meet new needs. Bringing training into your community is an effective way of meeting your goals and building capacity for a better future.