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Change in Corporate Governance Landscape: How to Manage Risk In Your Organization


A new era in corporate governance development, risk identification and mitigation has begun. Organizations now recognize risks that are more complex, interconnected and potentially devastating than ever before. As a result, many boards and senior executives are changing the way they think about managing risks throughout their organization.

Enterprise Risk Management ("ERM") can enhance a board and audit committee’s ability to effectively carry out their risk oversight and governance responsibilities. However, to be successful, the risks facing the organization must be identified, categorized and prioritized, as the accuracy of the risk portfolio is key to ERM effectiveness. The board during this process should be asking a number of clarifying questions.

This and many other related topics will be explored in further detail during a hands-on and practical two-day course with participants from Canadian Pacific, Canexus Income Fund, Flint Energy, Glenbriar Technologies Inc., Heenan Blaikie LLP, Nexen Inc., SmithLawCorp, Watermark Human Capital Consulting and Meyers Norris Penny LLP.

Some of the course highlights include:

  • Examining how board oversight can help to assess and enforce risk identification and prioritization
  • Design monitoring and reporting structures that can help the board fulfill its increasing oversight duties
  • Examining how to incorporate risk management into the strategy formulation process
  • Learning best practices for identifying and mitigating international corruption risks
  • Discussing the roles and responsibilities of various oversight committees.

People that will benefit from attending this course are:

  • Board members, including Audit & Risk Committee members
  • Corporate Secretaries
  • General Counsel
  • VP’s of Internal Audit, Risk Management, Compliance
  • COO’s
  • CFO’s

If you have any questions or would like to find out more details about this course, please contact Maggie Kiel at 403 537 7624.