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Credit Unions and MNP Innovate to Serve Businesses


Future growth and sustainability for credit unions is dependent on adapting to changing times, including finding new and innovative ways to attract and retain members. To help credit unions address this issue, MNP launched the Credit Union Business Training Program, partnering with two of Canada’s largest credit unions, Conexus and Meridian.

The program includes a series of complementary business training seminars focused on the challenges and insights entrepreneurs and business owners’ face on a daily basis. The seminars address topics around all business areas, including key themes of: customers, operations, people and finance.

The program will provide credit unions the opportunity to help members develop business acumen or expand their existing skill sets. It is also a way to attract new members who are excited about business and are looking for advice to ensure their enterprise is successful and sustainable.

While I can share my opinion on the topic and how it can engage younger members, I thought it would be best to ask one of our team members who has fewer gray hairs than I do. Here’s what Kenna McTaggart, one of MNP’s consulting team members and our training program manager had to say:

“As part of MNP’s consulting team, I’ve worked on a variety of projects for young entrepreneurs and business owners and believe that this program is a perfect fit for a young generation of business owners. By accessing this information, young entrepreneurs and business owners have the opportunity to start out on the right foot with their personal business goals.

“Plus, the flexibility of the program makes it easy for young business people to incorporate it into their busy schedules by offering access to both recorded and live versions of the webinars upon registering.”

Kenna notes the variety of curriculum options within the Credit Union Business Training Program ensures participants learn not only the financial aspects of business, but other important concepts as well.

“The Strategic Planning webinar was one I personally enjoyed. It is a concept that can be easily overlooked, especially by entrepreneurs or smaller businesses. This series was designed to help participants learn about setting straightforward strategies and give them the confidence to grow and develop their business.”

She says the program has received substantial positive feedback from participants on social media and in her own social circle. “I look forward to continuing to work alongside credit unions to provide this program,” Kenna says.

This program is just one example of how credit unions and MNP are partnering to better serve businesses. With the launch of our second year of the program we are also introducing training specific to agricultural businesses. I’m excited to see what may be on the horizon, as we continue to collaborate!

For more information on the current business training programs, how they can help your business grow and succeed, and the upcoming sessions, please contact Annette Bester at [email protected] and Kenna McTaggart at [email protected].

To register directly, visit: