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Getting to Know Mark Jordan


From the UK all the way to Vancouver, Mark Jordan has seen a lot during his career. Learn about his experiences in the forensic accounting field through this Q&A.

Mark Jordan

1. What led you to forensic accounting?

I wanted to help clients resolve complex financial situations. Shedding light on what is happening and providing insights to help prevent it happening again brings me a lot of satisfaction.

This field also provides me with the opportunity to work with a multi-disciplined team. My colleagues include former police officers, digital forensic specialists, anti-money laundering specialists. This  type of fast-paced litigation environment is unique and challenging but I welcome it.

I was drawn to forensic accounting because I have the ability to analyse data and provide insights that people can put into action.
2. How did you end up in Canada?

I’m originally from the UK, with a background in audit tax and advisory. I spent the early part of my career providing services to all size of organizations across a wide range of industries. Immediately before moving to advisory services, I worked in the audit practice of a global accounting firm auditing national and multi-national companies. I moved to a global boutique forensic accounting specializing in damage quantification where I was involved in the calculation of major and complex losses in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

I ended up in Canada because my girlfriend, now wife, had an opportunity to move her role to Vancouver. Without hesitating, I quit my job in London to follow her here. We started at MNP on exactly the same day.

3. What’s been the most interesting forensic story to date

I was asked to visit a disused quarry with no cell service to hand over key documents in a dispute. Alone.

4. How have you helped entrepreneurs and their businesses?

We provide services that result in filings to the police, lawyers, and clients themselves. This helps in the pursuit or recovery of funds and/or remediation financial disputes.

I’ve been involved in concerns and issues where there is uncertainty as to financial situation – calculation of damages, review of financial models in disputes — and help them reach conclusions.

5. What are some of the biggest fraud trends you feel BC business should prepare for today?

The risk of cyber attacks, like phishing or whaling, has significantly increased as organizations adopt remote working. You need to protect yourself and develop strong cyber security strategies because the risk is too great to ignore.

6. What is the most important thing business owners when involved in a dispute?

You need to have a plan on how to respond to matters. This means know who to call and when to call to get them involved. Fraud disputes can be distracting and stressful. Having a plan to effectively respond to a non-routine event allows senior leadership to limit distractions from what they do best — running the business.


Navigating disputes and making sense of complex data sets doesn’t have to be a solo effort. Our team can help. To learn more about how forensic accounting can support fraud dispute, contact Mark Jordan, ACA, CPA, CA, CFE, CFF, Senior Manager, Forensic and Litigation Support at 778.374.2107 or [email protected].