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Helping make Toronto’s Project Winter Survival a Success


​MNP believes strongly in helping make our communities stronger. This year, we are proud to have taken part in Project Winter Survival, an initiative that distributes warm clothing and personal care items to vulnerable, homeless people in Toronto.

The project, initiated by the charity Engage and Change, is powered by volunteers such as Toronto MNP team members. As part of their efforts, approximately 3,000 Project Winter Survival Kits were packed and distributed to more than 210 Toronto and GTA-non-profit agencies, homeless shelters, outreach programs, and drop-ins. With an additional $5,000 donation from MNP, the kits will be given to people living on the street who desperately need them to survive harsh winter conditions.

Great job, team!

To see more coverage on this initiative, check out the Global News Story​​​​.