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Keeping Up with GreenSpace Brands and the Ever Changing Natural Foods Industry


​I am very excited to introduce MNP’s Leader-to-Leader Series, where I talk with today’s top leaders in the food and beverage sector to share valuable insight on the opportunities, challenges and trends within this dynamic industry.

I was fortunate to sit down with Matthew Von Teichman, President & CEO, GreenSpace Brands Inc., to discuss the company’s success story and what Matt sees for the future of the industry and his company. Since 2002, GreenSpace Brands has been creating products that inspire and improve lives through simple ingredients, traditional farming practices and innovative branding.

During our discussion, Matt talked about the natural food market and how his company is adapting and diversifying to meet consumer expectations. Consumers are more interested in natural food than ever, evidenced by 14% growth in the natural food market growing, compared to less than 2% growth in the conventional food market. Where it used to be just mothers feeding their children (the early adopters of natural foods), Millenials and Baby Boomers have now jumped onboard. Today’s consumers are making conscious decisions to spend more of their disposable income on natural foods — and that translates to great opportunity.

Recognizing that Canada was and still is lagging behind other countries in offering consumers options in natural food products, GreenSpace Brands saw significant opportunity. The company set out to not only acquire new brands to bring into Canada but to find distribution holes in the Canadian natural foods industry so it could launch new products into them. 

Matt says one of the biggest trends is grass-fed. Grass-fed dairy and meat are very important to today’s health-conscious consumers. Consumers are also moving toward clean snacking on nuts and seeds — the way we used to snack hundreds of years ago — and away from traditional snacks like chocolate bars and chips. Sweeteners is also a big trend as consumers learn about the potential dangerous effects of sugar. GreenSpace Brands is watching this trend very closely.

Matt also spoke about the small entrepreneurs who have fabulous products but have hit a wall — challenges with financing and / or having the in-depth knowledge to grow their businesses. As such, he sees more acquisitions in Greenspace Brands’ near future.

He’s also excited to look at what is developing in other markets and launch new products within the Greenspace Brands portfolio. Matt believes the opportunities are endless and that food and beverage companies that continue to push the boundaries and evolve are sure to create a recipe for success.

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