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Meet Cary Frank, a Partner in our Vancouver Office


Cary has worked with private companies for more than a decade, delivering the services and advice they need to run their business effectively. Learn how Cary got involved in this profession and what he enjoys most about his career.

Cary Frank

When did you know you wanted to become an accountant?

Being an active person involved in sports growing up, I always thought I would continue that into a career in kinesiology. At university, I quickly realized that the sciences were not for me and became naturally drawn towards the commerce classes and started to fall in love with business.

I wanted to continue my post grad education and pursuing the Chartered Accountant designation just made sense. I was passionate about business but also loved dealing with the numbers, so it all just came together.

How do you help clients at MNP? What do you do?

I focus on providing assurance services, but I pride myself on being more than accountant to my clients — I want to be their trusted business advisor. I work with private enterprises in a wide variety of industries to help achieve their business goals, with a focus on real estate and construction companies.

What do your clients say about you?

Providing assurance and tax is a core service that all accountants can provide, but what I take pride in is thinking outside the box and really trying to help improve my client’s business. I enjoy working closely with my clients to understand their business and strategic goals and do whatever I can to help them along that path.

What might someone not know about you outside of your work life?

As someone who grew up playing sports, I believe in the positive benefits it has for youth. I got involved serving on the Board of Athletics for Kids, a local charity that helps get youth involved in sports.

I’ve recently got into hiking and really enjoy being outdoors!


With the help of a business advisor like Cary, you can make decisions with confidence and reach your goals faster than before. To learn how we can help your business, contact Cary Frank, CPA, CA, at 604.637.1552 or [email protected]