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Meet Troy Deck, MNP’s Self Employment Program Leader


Amid economic uncertainty, you might feel it’s not a great time to start a small business – but MNP’s Troy Deck, Leader of MNP’s Self Employment Program and a Senior Manager with MNP’s Consulting Team,  is seeing a steady stream of Albertans transitioning out of full-time employment and entering the realms of self-employment – and succeeding. Backed by 14 years of experience working with entrepreneurs and companies, Troy specialising in business / strategic planning, change management, training development and delivery.

Troy Deck

1. Why are you passionate about helping businesses start up?

I enjoy the energy and excitement that entrepreneurs bring to our society / economy.  In the start-up phase, there are so many questions, concerns and unknowns. I take a lot of satisfaction in working with entrepreneurs and helping them navigate the challenges of starting a business while bringing their goals and ideas to fruition.

2. What are the greatest challenges you hear from small business owners?

Small business owners often ask me about knowing where to start or where to go next with their business. This usually pertains to how / where to focus time, money and energy to launch, build and grow the business. I derive great satisfaction with helping them tackle these challenges.

3. How can you help with those challenges?

Helping entrepreneurs define success and establish their vision is crucial for start-ups and any business. I like to focus on building a plan that accurately represents the current business environment and captures the business owners’ passions and ideas. Next, we translate this into creating measurable objectives, strategies and tactics capitalise on opportunities and overcoming challenges. These fundamental steps ensure that businesses owners have a roadmap to success and can survive and thrive.

4. What do you do for fun?

One of my passions is travelling abroad. I like to go to new places and experience the culture. I enjoy it most when I get lost on some side street and find adventure. This usually involves eating local exotic cuisine, drinking strange beverages and taking part in some local, cultural activity.

Want to get to know Troy even better and learn more about how he can help you realize your dream of entrepreneurship? Contact Troy at 587.441.6021 or [email protected]