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MNP COVID-19 Safety Plan


The health and well being of our team members, clients, and all our families continue to be our top priority as we navigate through these unprecedented times. As a diverse firm, we continue to assess and adjust our actions within each community to reflect the local COVID-19 situation. We have developed guidance for all our offices to consider and have implemented the following minimum processes and practices. Please contact your local office or advisor for additional information.

Measures to maintain physical distancing within our offices

  • In order to reduce the number of people in our offices, we have implemented more work-from-home arrangements and virtual meetings, rescheduling of work tasks and prohibiting or limiting the number of clients and visitors
  • Plexi-glass barriers have been installed at office reception where possible
  • Office furniture has been reorganized to ensure team members are at least two metres apart
  • Social distancing guidance such as maintaining a two-metre distance to anyone else, minimizing movement within the office, avoiding physical contact, and encouraging technology for meetings has been provided to all team members
  • Elevator protocols such as queuing, number of occupants and other safety measures have been determined and communicated
  • Personal protective equipment such nitrile gloves, face masks, sani-wipes and hand sanitizer are available for team members as needed

Effective cleaning and hygiene practices implemented

  • Additional cleaning and sanitizing of high touch areas such as door handles and washrooms
  • Installation of additional hand sanitizer stations as necessary
  • Mail and courier deliveries are quarantined before delivery
  • No sharing of workspaces
  • No sharing of meals or delivery of take-out food
  • Good hygiene practices have been communicated and are posted throughout our offices
  • If you develop a cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, or sore throat, stay at home and follow the Province’s health guidance

Measures to ensure team member safety at clients’ premises

  • Prior to entering clients’ premises, we will be assessing our clients’ COVID-19 safety plan to ensure a safe environment for our team members
  • Team members to travel separately to and from clients’ premises

Tracking team members and travel

  • Team members’ location, health and any self-isolation requirements are tracked on an ongoing basis
  • Essential business travel only by approval