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MNP Opens the Market at the NEO Exchange


MNP's Public Companies group were honoured to open the market at the Toronto-based NEO Exchange on May 16, 2019. Chief Executive Officer Jason Tuffs and David Danziger, Senior Vice President of Assurance and National Director of Public Companies, joined Scott Davidson, NEO Head of Corporate Listings, to celebrate MNP being a member of the exchange’s Trusted Service Provider Program.

The firm shares NEO's high standards for client service and is committed to partnering for the long-term success of public companies. MNP thanks the NEO Exchange for the exciting opportunity to share the stage with their successful team on market open. The exchange, which was launched in 2015, listed its first company with an enterprise value of over $1 billion in April.

View the event here to relive the moment with MNP.

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