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MNP Proud to Support Rural eHUB and the Student Entrepreneur Awards


MNP is proud to support Rural eHUB and the Student Entrepreneur Awards. The awards (up to $4,500 per company) are competitive, one-time, direct awards to post-secondary students or recent graduates (within one year of post-secondary) of high-potential, growth oriented-startups that impact rural Alberta. This includes businesses, non-profits, social, environmental, and cultural ventures, that are either born-rural or have rural-Alberta impact.

Application Deadline is October 15, 2019.

About Rural eHUB

Rural eHUB is a collaboration between the University of Alberta, Alberta School of Business, the 4-H Foundation of Alberta and Rural Alberta’s Development (Legacy) Fund to support and encourage youth, high-impact rural entrepreneurship in Alberta. The Rural eHUB program is administered through eHUB, the University of Alberta’s entrepreneurship centre, run by the Technology Commercialization Centre at the Alberta School of Business.

Rural eHUB leverages eHUB’s vibrant entrepreneurial community, programs, mentorship and networking opportunities to encourage high-impact rural entrepreneurship. The Rural eHUB Program is designed to directly support high potential students interested in rural entrepreneurship and Albertan rural-focused entrepreneurship teams.

To learn more about MNP’s commitment to the communities we serve, contact Dustin Sundby, Regional Managing Partner, at [email protected] or 780.453.5382.