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MNP Proudly Sponsors the Kipohtakaw Youth Orchestra of Northern Alberta (YONA) Program


MNP is proud to support and sponsor the Kipohtakaw Youth Orchestra of Northern Alberta (YONA) Program. YONA-Sistema is a program offered by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra to support Edmonton’s under-served children and youth. Through this program, children experience extraordinary opportunities for social, emotional, academic, and musical development.

For five days a week and almost three hours a day, 75 students receive group instrument lessons, led by qualified teachers, at no cost to their families. In this caring environment, students are given nutritious snacks, homework help, engage in free play and physical activity and then are bussed safely home.

To raise much needed funds for this program, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra also hosts a very important year-end fundraiser. The Road to Joy fundraiser is an inspiring evening celebrating the power of music in our community. This event will feature the YONA-Sistema and Kipohtakâw YONA students playing alongside the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Road to Joy will be conducted by Assistant Conductor and Community Ambassador, Cosette Justo Valdés.

To purchase tickets, visit

To find out more about this sponsorship or other sponsorships MNP is involved in, contact Samantha Alexander at ​​​[email protected]​​​.