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Preventing Key Management Challenges in Cloud Security


​Cloud computing now allows growing companies to consolidate the data infrastructure and use online systems of storage that can be monitored and protected at a lower cost than tangible storage areas. However, in this era of cloud computing a number of challenges are preventing companies from achieving optimal data security. Within this article, we’ll focus on how to prevent key management challenges in cloud security.

The Leading Key Management Issues

Companies operating within the cloud often find they experience a number of issues managing their encryption keys and determining who has access to their cloud data at any one particular time. The following are the leading key management issues cloud storage users experience:

  • Keys being stolen from users
  • Keys becoming vulnerable to attack
  • Keys representing a single point of security failure
  • Keys and passphrases remaining the same for many years

These key management issues are leading to significant security challenges for organizations that depend upon their cloud data to protect their customers and their proprietary information. That's why it's so important to understand how to resolve these challenges and prevent potential key security threats from occurring.

Effective Key Management Techniques

By using these key management techniques, companies can gain a greater understanding on when their information is being used and by whom, to help actively prevent attacks against their cloud data.

  • Use a Different SSH Keypair For Each Machine

    Secure shell (SSH) protocols help protect key data from being accessed outside the user’s cloud system. But companies using one single SSH keypair for each of their computers are creating a single point of security failure within their systems. It’s important to use different SSH keypairs for each machine to isolate security threats.

  • Lock System After Several Unsuccessful Login Attempts

    Brute force attacks are a common way for hackers to gain entry to a cloud system. Companies must ensure systems lock automatically after several unsuccessful login attempts. This will prevent outsiders from using automated machines to continually guess passwords and login data until they gain system entry.

  • Force Users to Change Passwords and Logins Regularly

    Users are a leading source for potential key management issues. It is important companies force all users to change their login details such as usernames and passwords on a regular basis. This ensures any data breach is only limited to a short period of time until login details change.

By teaching their work teams about key security within their cloud systems, companies can capitalize on the full cost benefits and flexibility that cloud storage offers. To learn more, contact Eugene Ng, National Leader, Cyber Security, at 905.607.9777 x223 or [email protected], or your local MNP Technology Solutions Advisor.