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Sharpen Your Interviewing Skills to Build Your Case


Subjects will try anything to avoid admission or steer interviewers away from the truth. We should all remember that the subjects we interview often have years of experience at deceiving people. It’s our job as the investigator to ask the right questions and determine when an opportunity presents itself without the subject even realizing what they have said. It’s up to the interviewer to constantly be aware of the situation and responsive to the subject’s verbal and non-verbal cues.

Although sometimes tricky during an interview, it’s important to focus on developing questions that will generate a response other than yes or no. Often this will create an opportunity for the subject to share information that may lead you to your next question – and that much closer to building your case. Specific answers or words spoken by the subject may allow you to raise a red flag and probe further to detect the truth. Often there are signs that the subject is lying or omitting information that could be caught if you’re paying attention. The key is to identify these signs and understand that deception can be detected with the right tools and techniques. And remember – listening is not waiting to talk (or ask the next question)!

How can you be even better prepared to build your case?

Recognize how you can strengthen your role in the process and what you can avoid and encourage during the interview process. We’ve all seen examples of interviewers being inadequately prepared and missing an opportunity that may have resulted in key evidence for their case.