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The 'Great Training Program' Equation


Often times, companies make the mistake of having one of their experts in a field deliver a session on their area of expertise.  Results often seen from this type of session include dry content, humdrum delivery in lecture format, yawns from audience, “glazed over” looks, and uninspired participants.

Great training programs, no matter what the content or format, result from an interwoven involvement of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and Instructional Designers.  The following table demonstrates the role of each party:

Subject Matter Experts (SME) Instructional Designers Experts in their field - provide technical content Experts on how to relay content to the specific audience  Has the credibility with all levels in their field as "knowing their stuff? and often times knows more than they realize Can assist in determining audience levels, identifying learning needs an the best delivery styles to be effective Has a wealth of information; often times can get caught up in too much detail, which can be overwhelming to the audience Able to provide focus on key areas that meet the knowledge gaps of the audience; offers an objective view on the material Roles include outlining content, identifying tasks required and prioritizing the implementation of the tasks Roles include determining the best way to portray the material to the select audience i.e. case studies, examples, role playing, etc. Define what acceptable performance is and is not Assist with building assessment tools to measure performance and resulting competencies

Having a Subject Matter Expert work with an Instructional Designer on a session results in a very effective presentation with limited yawns and measurable results.

SME + Instructional Designer = Great Training Program

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