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Training as a Retention Tool


Retention should be a priority for all businesses. Losing people to voluntary turnover can have a significant impact on your organization’s profitability and ability to deliver high levels of service. Have you ever stepped back to consider the impact training can have on retention? Well, consider some of the most common reasons why people leave organizations:

  • Unmet expectations
  • Inappropriate fit for the role
  • Lack of fit with company culture
  • Lack of sufficient opportunities for growth and advancement (including lack of training opportunities)
  • Inadequate recognition and appreciation
  • Poor manager/employee relations
  • Dissatisfaction with compensation
  • Stress / toxic work environment
  • Lack of work/life balance
  • Lack of confidence in the company and/or leadership
  • Lack of information or communication
  • Lack of resources to do the job
  • Little autonomy, responsibility and accountability

I would argue that the highlighted points above all are related to training. How so? Well, let’s run through them:

  1. Unmet expectations – How is an employee to understand what is required and expected in his or her job if they are not adequately oriented? (Hint: Orientation is considered training.)
  2. Lack of sufficient opportunities for growth and advancement – Training in various skills can help people develop not only their job skills, but their personal skills as well, making them a more valuable employee overall.
  3. Inadequate recognition and appreciation – How are your people leaders going to provide good, solid recognition and appreciation if they don’t know how?
  4. Poor manager/employee relations – Just because someone has been at the organization for a long period of time, does not mean that they should be promoted into people leader roles. Are your leaders trained in dealing with employees?
  5. Stress/toxic work environment- Providing employees with training in how to deal with stress in the workplace and providing them support to deal with stress can alleviate these situations.
  6. Lack of resources to do the job – A lack of resources to do the job could be some specific training just as well as it could be lack of equipment etc.

What are your training practices in your organization? Are they helping or hindering employee retention?

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