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Transforming Your Business to Better Serve Your Clients


Service organizations, whether in the public, private or non-profit sectors, want the customer experience to be great.  Their long-term survival often depends on it! It is interesting when you begin discussions with individuals responsible for service delivery. Many cannot succinctly describe what the service is; or there is a disagreement within or between business units, functions, and departments. Most can define their processes or procedures that concern service delivery, but few can articulate what the end result should be for the client.

Today’s environment requires organizations in all sectors to find different ways of doing things as clients/customers expect more, demand for better results increases, and there are often fewer resources. Taking a critical and objective look at how you are doing business will result in opportunities to improve the client service experience as well as to increase efficiencies and reduce duplication and redundancies.

Progressive organizations look at what they offer and how they offer it through the customer’s eyes. They will ask:

  • Why do we exist (purpose/mandate)? Who are we accountable to? What are we accountable to them for?
  • Do we know what our clients want and need? Are we successful in providing them with what they want and need?
  • Are we offering the right things and are we offering them in the right way?
  • How can we be more efficient and effective?
  • Do we need to change?
  • What does success look like?

You need to start with asking the tough questions, getting on the same page in terms of the services you provide, clearly defining what the vision is for the service area, determining the gap between where the organization is and where it wants to be, and developing a practical and comprehensive transformation strategy.

For more information on how MNP can help optimize your customer’s experience, contact Leslie Dornan, Director of Consulting Services at 1.877.500.0795