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What Public Companies Need to Know About Reporting Requirements


​​​At MNP, we have assisted a number of companies through the IPO process and in dealing with regulatory compliance.

In our Oc​tober issue of Take Stock, we focused on factors to consider before going public and to make sure that the IPO process is the right decision for your organization.

Assuming that you have successfully made it through the IPO process and have raised the capital necessary to achieve your future strategic objectives, the next challenge is to ensure that you have the infrastructure and business processes in place to ensure compliance with financial and non-financial reporting requirements. Analysts and shareholders will be looking for fair and fulsome disclosure to make investment and resource allocation decisions, while the securities commissions will be monitoring compliance with regulations. Public companies are required by securities legislation to meet continuous disclosure and certification requirements.

These requirements would include:

  • An annual audited and quarterly financial statements that must be filed within 90 days of year-end and 45 days after quarter end (120 and 60 days, respectively, for TSX-V filers)
  • Annual Information Form
  • Management’s Discussion and Analysis (“MD&A”)
  • Disclosure of material change reports
  • Business Acquisition Reports
  • CEO/CFO certifications over establishing and maintaining disclosure/internal controls

How MNP can help

If you choose to proceed with an IPO, our experienced professionals have prepared explaining in closely with you to ensure you remain well informed and are prepared at every stage. To find out what MNP can do for you, please contact myself at 403-648-4155 or any member of our Public Companies team.

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