Alert: CPAB Consultation - Disclosures Related to Results of Regulatory Assessments (July 2021)

Date: July 19, 2021
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Alert: CPAB Consultation - Disclosures Related to Results of Regulatory Assessments (July 2021)

In July 2021, the Canadian Public Accountability Board (“CPAB”) issued for public comment, the Consultation Paper, The Canadian Public Accountability Board seeks public input on regulatory disclosures, proposing to enhance the public disclosures about the results of regulatory reviews, including the enforcement action imposed on audit firms.

In the Consultation Paper, CPAB is considering several disclosure principles against which the potential changes would be evaluated. These disclosure principles include improvement in audit quality, enhancement of the protection of investing public, decline in the timeliness of remediation of inspection findings, implementation of timely actions to close gaps in audit firm quality management systems, and a cost vs. benefit analysis of the potential changes.

The Consultation Paper specifically discusses the following three areas of disclosures:

  • Communication to audit committees – Currently, audit firms voluntarily share the results of individual audit file inspections with the reporting issuer’s audit committee (or those charged with governance if there is no audit committee). In this Consultation Paper, CPAB is proposing to make the sharing of the result of individual audit file inspections with the audit committee or those charged with governance mandatory for all reporting issuers, including venture issuers.
  • Disclosure of the results of CPAB’s regulatory oversight activities – CPAB provides a summary of firm level inspection themes, quality management systems assessments, recurring issues, trend, and emerging issues in its public inspection report. CPAB’s report does not identify the audit firms or reporting issuers whose audit files were investigated. In the Consultation Paper, to align with the disclosure practices internationally, CPAB is proposing to disclose the results of regulatory reviews by individual audit firms in its public report. The following alternative approaches are proposed for disclosing results:
  • Information on number of files reviewed, number of files with significant inspection findings, results of CPAB’s review of quality management systems would be disclosed by individual audit firm in CPAB’s annual public inspection report.
  • The disclosure of some or all of the individual firm private inspection reports would be made public.
  • A voluntary program would be adopted for participating audit firms to elect to publicly report the results of the CPAB inspections, subject to appropriate safeguards.
  • Disclosures related to CPAB’s enforcement actions – While CPAB has the authority to publicly disclose the results of its regulatory reviews and enforcement actions, so far it has not publicly disclosed any of its enforcement actions. Now, CPAB intends to exercise its discretion to publicly disclose any enforcement actions imposed on an audit firm, with a focus on the most significant breaches of professional standards.

CPAB is seeking input from all stakeholders on these disclosure areas and is open to all suggestions, including those that may require changes to applicable rules and legislation in order to support implementation.

The Consultation Paper is open for public comment until September 30, 2021.


2021 CPAB Disclosures Public Consultation page can be accessed here.

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