MNP Comment Letter - Accounting Policy Changes: Proposed Amendments to IAS 8

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MNP Comment Letter - Accounting Policy Changes: Proposed Amendments to IAS 8


Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the above Exposure Draft.

Overall, we agree that the application of a voluntary change in accounting policy that results from an agenda decision can be challenging for entities applying IFRS. We support the Board’s goal of fostering greater consistency in the application of IFRSs and concur that reducing the challenges that entities face in applying these voluntary changes in accounting policies will further the Board’s efforts towards that goal. We have attached our letter to the IASB as an appendix to this letter.

We have reviewed the Exposure Draft issued by the AcSB and set out below our response.

MNP Comment Letter - Accounting Policy Changes: Proposed Amendments to IAS 8

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Michelle Balmer

Michelle Balmer CPA, CA

Vice President, Assurance

Michelle Balmer, CPA, CA, is a Senior Assurance Services Partner with MNP. With 14 years of experience in public practice, Michelle helps a broad range of public and privately held companies in a variety of industries. She also works on special projects, including costing studies, benchmarking and best-practice studies, operational analyses, litigation support and due diligence.

As a key member of MNP's Assurance team, Michelle has played an instrumental role in assurance policy development, implementing accounting and assurance standards firm-wide and educating assurance practitioners regarding methodologies and new pronouncements. She also provides technical advice and consultation on accounting and assurance issues, as well as on rules of professional conduct issues, to all MNP practitioners.

Michelle was certified a Chartered Accountant (CA) after obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta. She has been actively involved with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta, including the Chartered Accountants School of Business, in an instructional and marketing capacity. An avid volunteer, she has assisted numerous groups such as the Easter Seals of Alberta, Paralympic Sports Association and Junior Achievement of Northern Alberta.