NG Holdings Canada Ltd.

NG Holdings Canada Ltd. has acquired PI Financial Corp.


Finance and Insurance

NG Holdings Canada Ltd. has acquired PI Financial Corp. MNP Corporate Finance Inc. provided financial due diligence services to NG Holdings Canada Ltd.

Transaction Brief

Gary Ng, through NG Holdings Canada Ltd., acquired 100% of PI Financial Corp. (PI) from its 54 employee shareholders for a total investment of over $100 million.

PI is an independent, national, full-service investment dealer providing a wide range of investment products and services to individual, corporate and institutional investors. It is also one of Canada's top investment banks for small- to mid-cap Canadian companies and has expertise in the resource, technology, industrial products, transportation, healthcare and consumer discretionary sectors. Founded in 1982 by Max Meier and John Eymann, today PI advises more than 50,000 clients and with over 300 employees in its 16 offices across Canada.

Mr. Ng is the former Chairman and CEO of Toronto-based Chippingham Financial Group and majority owner of Montreal-based financial broker the Rothenberg Group of Cos.