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Our Commitment to the Forestry and Forest Products Industry

Canada’s forestry and forest products industry is a major part of our nation’s economy – contributing nearly 2% to the GDP. While this sector has seen higher-than-average labour productivity gains, it’s also an increasingly challenging industry, with operational, trade, environmental and regulatory requirements constantly being introduced.

Whether you run a logging company, manufacture wood products or have a pulp and paper operation, you need to be able to respond to these changes without compromising your business goals. We have deep roots in the forestry sector and can help you develop and implement strategies to improve your financial position, streamline your operations and increase your confidence with every business decision you make.

Our Tailored Services for the Forestry and Forest Products Industry

Assurance and Accounting


Corporate Finance

Whether you’re looking to expand through a merger, acquisition or capital raising or you’re considering divesting a business or asset, our corporate finance professionals help you determine optimal financing structures, access the right capital and get the information you need to make sound business decisions.

Enterprise Risk



We monitor new tax incentives and standards that will impact your forestry business to maximize the effectiveness of your tax structure and allow you to grow your bottom line.