SMARTPro Succession Assessment

Emergency Planning

I have an emergency plan in place for my practice in the event of an unplanned exit (serious health issue, death, etc.).

Wealth Needs

I have a plan in place to protect my family’s ongoing wealth, cashflow, and estate needs, including insurance if applicable.

Equipment Considerations

My equipment requirements are aligned with my practice needs and client expectations, as well as my personal timelines for exiting my practice.

Will and Estate Planning

I have a trusted individual in place who can take charge in representing me in my absence and who would have access to all the information they would require.

Efficiency & Long-Term Needs

I have implemented measures (scheduling systems, staff utilization, etc.) to optimize the efficiency of my practice to protect my family’s wealth and long-term needs.


I am using technology to ensure the optimal level of patient service and practice efficiency.


I have adequate protection of my patient data to avoid a privacy breach and safeguards in place to avoid financial loss to my practice (e.g. ransomware attack). I also have proper policies and procedures in place to comply with privacy legislation in the unlikely event that a breach was to happen.

Debt Considerations

My debt, financing agreements, and terms are aligned with my timelines for shifting or exiting my practice.

Lease and Vendor Agreements

My leased premises and supply/ vendor/ equipment agreements have been contemplated and align with my personal timeline for exiting my practice.

Tax Efficiencies

I am confident that I have the correct corporate structure to permit the most efficient means of accumulating, retaining, and extracting practice profits to protect and meet my family’s cash flow needs.

Recruitment and Retention

I have protections in place to help recruit and retain qualified staff (they will be most important to ensure sustainability and growth in patient flow and related cash flow).


* Required