Manufacturing Health Check Assessment

To grow your business and reach your goals, you need to understand your strengths and identify your weaknesses. By answering the questions in this health check, you'll see how your business processes, management systems, and operational routines stack up against other organizations in the industry.

After you're done, you receive a score and potential solutions to your challenges.

Let's get started.

Business Processes - Part 1

1. Does your business have performance targets for profit, project, units, etc.?
2. Does each department understand its maximum workload capacity?
3. Does your business keep track of key operational metrics including throughput, cycle time, capacity utilization, etc.?
4. Does each department pre-plan and stage their work?

Business Processes - Part 2

5. How often do you miss scheduled shipping deadlines for your finished goods?
6. Is there a certain department(s) the organization is constantly waiting on?
7. Do you find you run out of space for your finished goods or your WIP components?
8. Do you find that certain process steps or positions are idle while waiting for work from another department / position / resource?
9. Do you often have product being returned after delivery?

Management Systems

10. Does your business have intra-day reporting for the progress of each department?
11. Do you have an inventory management system such as ERP, in-house software, spreadsheets, etc.?
12. Does your business use technological systems to schedule production?
13. Do you have a preventative maintenance program for your equipment?
14. What is the closest representation of your office staff to production staff ratio?

Management Routines

15. Do your employees understand generally accepted performance expectations for their position? Do they need frequent check-ins to ensure they are completing work?
16. Do you find your employees are taking excess overtime?
17. Does the management team have oversight into the production supervisor’s day-to-day activities / performance?
18. Do you have a continuous improvement mandate in place?
19. Is ownership heavily involved in day-to-day operations?


20. Would your company benefit from employee training? If so, what kind of impact would this have on your bottom line?
21. What is your biggest inhibitor to growth and profitability?


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