Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Assessment

Achieving meaningful progress on measures of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is critical for organizations of every size and sector. These pillars are a growing priority for employees and consumers — and face growing scrutiny from regulators and investors.

The good news is that ESG is an ongoing journey: Success is not an endpoint — it’s the progress you make along the way that matters. This assessment will help you to better understand your progress on ESG and provide practical guidance to help you improve your maturity based on eight priorities for adoption and implementation. It has not been designed to prepare your organization for regulatory or legislative compliance. Rather, questions and recommendations align with MNP’s Sustainability Maturity Model and will inform further conversations internally and with your MNP advisor.


1. Does your organization have a policy that clearly describes ESG rules and principles?
2. Are specific roles and responsibilities defined across your organization for ESG-related risk and opportunity monitoring and decision-making?
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Strategy & Planning

3. Does your organization have an ESG strategy?
4. Has your organization set clear ESG targets for short, medium, and long-term time horizons?
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Risk Management

5. Has your organization identified ESG-related risks?
6. Has your organization integrated ESG-related risks into your enterprise-wide risk management program (ERM)?
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Reporting & Metrics

7. Does your organization measure, monitor, and internally report on ESG-related risks and opportunities?
8. Does your organization publicly disclose ESG information to external stakeholders as part of your routine reporting process?
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9. Are ESG principles embedded in your organization’s mission, vision, and values?
10. Does your short-term incentive program and employee performance evaluations include ESG-specific objectives?
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11. Has your organization created an inventory of all internal and external stakeholders?
12. Does your organization routinely perform stakeholder consultations?
13. Has your organization completed a materiality assessment of ESG factors?
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Operations & Supply Chain

14. Has your organization conducted an assessment of ESG-related risk and opportunities within its supply chain?
15. Is your organization changing procurement strategies within your supply chain to align with identified ESG-related risks and opportunities?
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