mature person transitioning their dealership to the next generation

Considering transitioning your dealership to the next generation?

You’ve invested time, effort, and heart into building your dealership. It’s now time to start thinking about your exit strategy. What are your succession goals? What are the opportunities available to you? Who are your potential successors – family members or a third party?

We’ll work with you to answer these questions and develop a successful exit plan that protects your legacy, prepares your dealership’s future leaders, and lays the groundwork for continuity and success.

Our advisors will help you exit on your terms and maximize the value of your business, no matter the size of your dealership or how far you’ve progressed in your succession plan.

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Download our succession checklist

From tax planning to ownership transfer to performance improvements, a succession strategy will help you maximize returns on your life’s work.

Succession success story: Zanchin Automotive

Picture of Joe Zanchin

"What I like about MNP — they give you that personal attention. I've never experienced that before.

The Zanchin Automotive Group is about 48 years old. We’re selling a lot of automobiles… and we’re doing big business. My daughters took over the business so that it would be able to continue, and I hope they do even better. But with MNP behind them, they will succeed.”

Joe Zanchin, Founder, Zanchin Automotive Group


  • October 18, 2023

    How Managed IT services can transform your dealership operations

    Whether they’re routine or unexpected, your IT needs shouldn’t disrupt your ability to close deals. With Managed IT you can relax knowing you have the support you need.

  • Progress

    Foundation for the future: Succession planning with Zanchin Automotive Group

    After nearly 50 years in business, Joe Zanchin is handing over the keys of Zanchin Automotive Group to his daughters, Laura and Andria. Planning for his exit with the help of MNP Partner, Eddie Burello, Joe and his daughters have a clear path ahead, and a trusted advisor for whatever the future sends their way.  


  • Agility

    December 21, 2022

    Seizing opportunities for process automation in dealerships

    Opportunities for robotic process automation are abundant in the dealerships industry, and can be a valuable tool to boost efficiency and productivity.

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Chris Schaufele CPA, CA

National Leader, Dealerships

Chris is MNP’s National dealership service leader and a Business Advisor with the Firm’s Assurance and Accounting group in Surrey. With more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, Chris oversees a dedicated team of professionals and the Firm’s delivery of dealership services across Canada.

Chris helps automobile dealers and leasing companies, as well as business owners in other industries, ensuring they have the information they require to make strong business decisions. He delivers a full suite of assurance services, including audits, reviews and compilations, helps with tax planning and compliance and advises on a broad range of business issues. His expertise in accounting and assurance standards and keen understanding of the automotive industry allow him to identify opportunities to help his clients succeed.

Chris earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA, Co-operative) in accounting from Simon Fraser University in 2008. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), qualifying as a Chartered Accountant (CA) in 2010.