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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

Most successful and competitive organizations today have a comprehensive and forward-thinking Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) strategy in place, prioritizing their people.

Stakeholders—whether they be customers, suppliers, employees, or communities—increasingly are demanding that the organizations they are involved with embrace strong EDI policies and practices. Having a meaningful and functional approach to EDI is key to staying relevant, competitive, and innovative.

It’s important to note that embracing EDI, both in practice and policy, is not about crossing t’s and dotting i’s.  It’s about building a culture within your organization where employees feel represented, heard, and respected, one that reflects the communities you operate in. It is also about recognizing that such a culture will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

At MNP, we work closely with our clients to help them respond to the societal shifts that are calling for more inclusive workplaces. While EDI priorities and perspectives will continue to evolve, a flexible and knowledge-based approach can help ensure your policies and supporting strategy recognize the diverse communities you serve, make it easier to retain talented employees, and empower reflection both in and outside the office.

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Our team can help you build a line of sight into your organization to identify the initiatives that will move the needle on equity, diversity, and inclusion. From comprehensive EDI strategic plans to workforce demographic surveys, training needs assessments and training development and delivery, policy reviews, and tailored transformation planning, MNP will work closely with you to build your own capacity around EDI.

Our Guiding Principles

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We are informed by ARAO principle

Our EDI work is rooted in and informed by Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression practices. We use ARAO principles to ensure the work is meaningful and results in long-term change.

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We use effective EDI tools

Our tools and frameworks have equity and inclusion at the core—and are tailored to our clients’ specific situations.

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We ensure leading practices in EDI are front and centre

This includes always consulting broadly across various levels and intersections, staying current with leading practices across industries and sectors and adjusting our approaches accordingly.

Our Capabilities

  • Current State Discovery: Informs Everything

    Find out where your organization is today and lay the groundwork for an environment where employees and leaders can be authentic and find meaning and fulfillment in their workplace.

  • Strategic Framework: Drives Everything

    Define your desired state for EDI and outline measures to close the gap between the current and desired states.

  • Goals, Initiatives, and Evaluation Criteria: Enables Everything

    Translate your strategic framework into a clear and stepwise plan with specific qualitative and quantitative measures to measure your progress.

  • icon of a cog with arrows   Tailored Transformation Services: Fuels Everything

    Facilitate lasting and meaningful change with assessments, programs, and diagnostic tools tailored to your organization’s unique challenges and needs.

  • Training Support: Inspires Everything

    Help employees and leaders to better understand the objectives of EDI initiatives, to lessen personal and systemic barriers to change and to define their role in reaching the desired future state.

EDI Insights

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    March 10, 2023

    Broadening your perspective: How social factors impact your business

    The “social” side of ESG has a broad scope, covering internal factors like your culture and EDI practices, all the way to external factors like modern slavery.

To find out how you can improve your EDI strategy, contact:

MNP’s team of experienced advisors have worked closely alongside all levels in organizations both in the private and public sector to help transform culture and create leaders in the EDI space.

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Manager, Consulting Services - DE&I

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Leader, Consulting – Organizational Renewal