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Case Study: Dental specialist gets high-level consulting expertise and up to $50,000 interest free to take his practice to the next level

Case Study: Dental specialist gets high-level consulting expertise and up to $50,000 interest free to take his practice to the next level

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The owner of a specialty dental clinic in Edmonton wanted to grow his practice and offer patients the most advanced care and the highest quality experience possible. Like many professional service providers, our client suspected his current technology was holding his practice back. However, he didn't have the resources to hire a professional advisor who could assess the gaps and opportunities. The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) was a game changer.

maze iconThe challenge

The dental clinic needed to bring on new technologies to respond to rapid advancements in the industry, stay competitive, and ensure patients were getting the best care. This would ensure the clinic could offer the least invasive procedures most efficiently for both patients and staff.

They also wanted to eliminate human error that arose from manual work and improve collaboration within the clinic and with external partners. There’s often a need to communicate with patients’ general practitioners and dentists, as well as with labs; miscommunication can lead to serious issues.

At the same time, the clinic was looking to reach more potential patients. They needed to understand their options and opportunities for marketing and how to reach their target audience in a cost-effective manner.

light bulb iconThe approach

Through discussions with their MNP accountant/advisor, the clinic leveraged CDAP's Boost Your Business Technology grant (up to $15,000) to retain Martine Empson and Ritika Malhotra, MNP Digital advisors. They worked with the client to apply for the grant and then set to work to fully understand the clinic’s needs.

The work began with a thorough analysis of the clinic’s strategic vision, goals, and current state. Martine and Ritika recommended three solutions: intraoral scanners, 3D printers, and dental microscopes. They also recommended vendors who could assist with these solutions and had them provide estimates.

checkmark iconThe result

MNP delivered a roadmap outlining exactly what the clinic needed to do to achieve its goals. With this in place, the clinic was able to get an interest-free loan from BDC through CDAP to implement the recommendations.

This clinic now has the technologies needed to provide the most advanced care in a relaxing atmosphere, as well as state-of-the-art IT equipment. The clinic’s digital brand is optimized for search engines and is reaching its target audience. The owner also has a better understanding of the clinic’s marketing analytics and the effectiveness of marketing efforts so they know they’re getting appropriate value.

“The big thing for the client is peace of mind. They’ve consulted an expert so they know they’re getting the best deal and what’s best for their practice. Getting this level of consulting expertise for very few dollars is a unique opportunity.” – Martine Empson, Digital advisor, MNP


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